Club Permit Scheme (CPS) Policy

The CPS allows members of car clubs that are recognised by VicRoads, including Saab Car Club Victoria to make limited use of eligible vehicles on the road network. Vehicles must be at least 25 years old to participate in the scheme.

Financial members of the Saab Car Club Victoria are able to apply for either a 45 or 90 day permit depending on how much use they expect to make of their vehicles over a 12 month period.

For more information about the Club’s CPS requirements, download the PDF below.

Download the CPS General Requirements PDF (50KB)

We highly recommend you read all the requirements and obligations of a CPS registered car at the VicRoads website: Visit the CPS VicRoads Website

Process for Obtaining the CPS Club Permit

The process for obtaining approval from Saab Car Club Victoria is as follows:

  1. Meet the criteria above by becoming a financial member of Saab Car Club Victoria or ensure your membership is up to date.
  2. Obtain a Roadworthy Certificate.
  3. Contact a Saab Car Club Victoria Authorised Officer* and arrange an inspection of the vehicle. Make sure to pay the required initial $25 (per vehicle) CPS Saab Car Club Victoria administration processing fee prior to your inspection appointment (please bring confirmation of fee payment)
  4. Provide the Authorised Officer with the required photos of your vehicle. Photos should be of the front, rear, passenger side, driver’s side with door open to show seat arrangement and, if possible, VIN and Engine Number.
  5. Complete the required CPS forms as outlined on the VicRoads website and take them to the inspection by an Authorised Officer.
  6. Once your car has been approved by a Saab Car Club Victoria Authorised Officer, you will need to visit a VicRoads Customer Service Centre to obtain your plates and logbook. Bookings are not required.
  7. Advise the Saab Car Club Victoria Authorised Officer of your club registration number and expiry date.

* For more information about the CPS or the nearest Authorised Officer in your area, contact Mike Simmons (President, Saab Car Club Victoria) at or mobile: 0416 058 330.